Guest Yoga Teacher at Concordia

Mary Bartel will be our guest teacher at Concordia Eco Resort for Wednesday, May 18 and Monday, May 23. She will be teaching both the Active class at 7:30am and the Gentle class at 9:00am.

Mary1photoMary Bartel started yoga 18 years ago when chronic neck and back concerns became debilitating.  The transformative qualities experienced through yoga and meditation led her to teaching, and five years later opening Inner Quest Yoga & Wellness Center, in Saranac Lake, NY.

Primary certifications:

  • Kripalu Professional Yoga Teacher, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
  • Structural Yoga™ Therapist & Instructor, The Yoga Therapy Center with Mukunda Stiles
  • IRI iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher, Integrative Restoration Institute with Richard C. Miller, PhD
  • Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Instructor, UCSD Center for Mindfulness, with Sarah Bowen and Neha Chawla
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction:  Living the Full Catastrophe Training

Mary credits Mukunda Stiles and Richard C. Miller, PhD for deeper guidance and personal yoga tools.  Her teaching style is influenced notably by master teachers Mukunda and Richard, Gary Kraftsow, Shiva Rae and Angela Farmer. Her classes promote a functional, therapeutic, adaptive, and mindful approach.

Mary works passionately to guide people with special needs. She is trained to assess a client’s concerns one-on-one, then educate and empower them in the use of yoga teachings and practices to improve their health and wellbeing. Her life experiences led her to develop therapeutic yoga programs, working with cancer patients and others with chronic health conditions.

Come practice Structural and Viniyoga – Therapeutic  styles along with Mindfulness Meditation and mini Yoga Nidra. 

All are welcome.



Growth is Ageless

Aerial Yoga 1Growth – to arise as a natural development from an original happening, circumstance or source.

Purely from a standpoint of curiosity, I enrolled for an aerial yoga class. In the true spirit of yoga, I entered the room without expectation, and I exited the room with a new passion. But isn’t that the way we usually experience real growth – as a child, with genuine openness.

The room was flooded with bright natural light. Imagine buds of colorful flowers floating in a spring garden in the clouds. The buds were gentle, sensitive, flowing, unfolding pedals…soft to touch and to the eye.

At first, I sat inside the bud, bringing back countless memories of parks and playgrounds and my love for swings (also of my dad, his tender touch, pushing me to laughter in the air) – tearful emotions arose.

I absorbed deeper into the bud in Buddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose), the fabric melting around my entire being, floating without effort. I am surrounded by the color, comfort and confident in the strength of the silk, enclosed, not seeking the outside world. With simple movements, gentle swinging, changing into Dandasana (Staff Pose), folded in a series of buttery, warm folds.

With growth, comes new perspectives and new freedom. I move into Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand), seeing the world, bottom up, in total peace and ease. The bud, like wings, is wrapped around me. I am suspended in both space and time, jealous of the life of a bat. This brings an awakening for the spine and bones – a lightness throughout the entire body.Aerial Yoga 2

Finally, Savasana, I am a cocoon, ready for the metamorphosis, caterpillar to butterfly. Relaxing in a cloud of color, without movement, barely breathing, I am transformed through openness, experience, growth.

Seeing myself in the mirror, the afterglow, smiling from a new place, like I was 7 years old again, yet joyous to be 57 years old, and still able to capture that brilliant light.

Thank you, Neila Starr of Launch Awareness Yoga Centre, Kennesaw, Georgia; you are a true teacher. Thank you, Jason, my husband, who is figuring out the structure and placement for my new aerial yoga equipment in our home. He is always making my dreams come true. St. John, soon come, I am looking at Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Portland in September and will share this amazing passion with our island.


Gentlemen’s Yoga


Gentlemen’s Yoga at the Ag.

Gentlemen’s Yoga began at the request of several Coral Bay men who wanted an approachable introduction to yoga designed for men’s needs. The class has steadily grown as the word spread that men attending the class are experiencing freedom from back pain, stress reduction and increased energy, flexibility and balance. If you are a man, and want to feel great, join Nancy at the Ag. Center on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:30 AM to experience the benefits for yourself.

Men of all ages are typically in greater need of specific kinds of flexibility training and a yoga practice to bring relief to areas including lower backs, shoulders, hamstrings and hips. This 75 minutes class of gentle Yoga and breathing techniques is designed for men of any age beginning or returning to Yoga and for those wanting a slower, gentler paced class.

Goals for the class include reducing discomfort and preventing injury. We will be focusing on stretching, building core strength and opening tight areas. The poses (or asanas) for stretching will focus on backs and legs. Building core will consists of abdominal poses, balancing and a touch of mat Pilates. Generally, opening tight areas for men brings into play asanas for shoulders, hips and other joints.

Overall strengthening will be a result of the entire yoga practice. We will use the human body weight as our tool to create a reasonably challenging class. In time, students will find increased energy, strengthen muscles and a new integrity to their core and back.

Come join Gentlemen’s Yoga for a mindfulness practice focusing on bringing everyday bodies of all sizes and shapes into simple poses to produce a healthier and more peaceful life.