Saturday Summer Series Fun

Join Jen Endicott, 200hr RYT, at St John School of the Arts in Cruz Bay for an invigorating 90 minute LifePower Yoga class set to upbeat dance music. As the sunsets the lights will stay low bringing everyone deeper into their practice, your movement glows.

Saturday 9/17/16, 6:30-8pm
If it glows, wear it.✨

Shaman Meditation Class

Tuesdays at the Ag Center, 5:30 PM to 7 PM
Shaman Meditation Class – by Donation

Join Sandra Miller (PH.D. Candidate in Shamanism, Ordained Shaman Minister, and adept of The Lynn Andrews Mystery School since 1999) as she takes us on a guided tour of our inner selves.

Classes held Tuesdays, starting August 30th.

Find your power animals, your inner guides, and your teachers through storytelling, cards, and guided meditation. Make Spiritual Magic an everyday occurrence in your life.
We will discover and learn ways to help us remain centered and calm – a welcome tool in these chaotic times. Now is the time to learn the Shamanic teachings of The Sisterhood of The Shields

It is a great honor to share these teachings
You are a unique and special person
Celebrate your power
Celebrate your life
Celebrate you

Join the sacred feminine!

Sandra is also available for healing session by phone or in person. If you would like to deepen your journey, schedule a private session with Sandra.

About Sandra Miller’s teacher Lynn Andrews:

Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally best-selling author of the Medicine Woman Series. She presents shamanic teachings in her four year program in her Mystery School. Lynn is initiated as a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, 44 women who are healers from cultures as diverse as Panama, Guatemala, Australia, Nepal, North America and the Yucatan. She hosts annual live gatherings for shamanic healing and empowerment in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and Hawaii, and has led shamanic tours to Egypt, Peru, Alaska, Ireland and other sacred sites around the globe.

Summer/Fall Schedule


yoga-meditationPlease be aware of the reduced yoga schedule on St. John during the summer/early autumn.  Many of the yoga teachers leave island during this time to recharge.  We do have some yoga teachers staying around so please join them for yoga!!!


We will be back in full force come October & November.  Namaste for now!











It is that time of year already!!!  Concordia Yoga will be ending for the season this Saturday, July 25th.  We will be back in October.  Our yoga teaches are taking a break from island life over the next two months so we will be wrapping up yet another fabulous season.  Thank you all for your support and energy!!!  May August and September be full of peace and happiness.  We will be back in October with a partial schedule and should be back to a full schedule in November.  Information will be posted as it becomes available.



Our Mission

CONCORDIA YOGA SCHEDULE STARTING OCTOBER 8th forward until sometime in November when all the teachers are back on island. Then we will revise the class schedule and get the word out to you. For now, classes will be held at 7:30am and 9:00am. Generally, the 7:30 class will be Active and the 9:00 class will be Gentle/Beginner. We also welcome Thais to Concordia. In addition to teaching here, she is planning on teaching paddle board yoga soon come…can’t wait.

New Yoga Classes in St. John


Our yoga experience on our small and beautiful island continues to grow with the addition of three new yoga classes.

  • At Concordia, we now have Yin Yang Yoga on Sunday mornings at 7:30 with Heather .
  • At the Recreation Center in Cruz Bay, we have Power Yoga on Saturday mornings at 9:00 with Lindsey.
  • At Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay, we have Yoga Exploration on Monday evenings at 5:30 – 7:00PM with Patricia and Andrew.

So let’s explore these new classes.

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga is designed to offer the balancing effects of yin (passive) and yang (active) styles of yoga and allow you to reach deeper into your practice.  This class draws upon the more internal, quiet and longer held postures, balanced with the more active, moving and dynamic or heat producing yoga postures to create a holistic body experience.

So what is the Yin?  Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with asanas that are held for comparatively long periods of time. It was founded and first taught in the US in the late 1970s by martial arts expert and Taoist yoga teacher Paulie Zink. Yin-style yoga is now being taught across North America and in Europe, due in large part to the teaching of Yin Yoga teachers Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.

Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. The practice of holding yoga poses or asanas for long periods of time has been part of traditional yoga practice, both in the Hatha yoga tradition of India and in the Taoist yoga tradition of the greater China area. Contemporary schools of hatha yoga have also advocated holding some poses for relatively long periods of time including BKS Iyengar.

And now for the Yang? We are more familiar with the Yang.  The typical vinyasa flow bringing us a more active asanas practice.  The Yang increases our flexibility and strength as we move through various asanas at quicker rate. This activity directs energy and flow into the muscles and superficial connective tissues. 

And coming together of the two? From an article by Sarah Powers in 2001, she describes Yin Yang yoga as reaching deeper both mentally and physically into a very integrated and satisfying practice.  The Yin part of the class comes first.  This holding of the asanas before the muscles are warm allows energy and prana to reach the deeper connective tissues of the joints.  Fluids have time to get to the joints and deep tissues allowing them to get “juicer” and stretch appropriately.  Then it is time for the Yang.  Once the muscles as well as the joints have awakened, the Yang brings in the more vigorous movements to build strength and challenge the body.

Power Yoga – Pushing your edges

Power yoga is a general term used in the West to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga and incorporates Ashtanga yoga. The term came into common usage in the mid 1990s, in an attempt to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible to western students. Its emphasis is on strength and flexibility.

For a brief view of the history behind Power Yoga, let’s explore its core: Ashtanga Yinyasa Yoga. Ashtanga is a style of yoga codified and popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois.  Pattabhi Jois began his yoga studies in 1927 at the age of 12, and by 1948 had established an institute for teaching the specific yoga practice known as Ashtanga (“eight-limbed”) Vinyasa Yoga. The term vinyāsa refers to the alignment of movement and breath, a method which turns static asanas into a dynamic flow. The length of one inhale or one exhale dictates the length of time spent transitioning between asanas. Two American yoga teachers are most often credited with the invention of power yoga: Beryl Bender Birch, based in New York, and Bryan Kest, based in Los Angeles. Not coincidentally, both these teachers had studied with Pattabhi Jois. Using the term power yoga differentiated the intense, flowing style of yoga they were teaching from the gentle stretching and meditation that many Americans associated with yoga.

Power Yoga has been argued to be the fundamental style of Hatha yoga that allowed for cultural acceptance of yoga in North America. According to the North American Studio Alliance, 30 million people are practicing yoga in the US. This includes practitioners not just of Power Yoga, but the entire practice of Yoga. Power yoga has been thought of as a physically demanding practice, which can be successful at channeling the hyperactivity of active minds. This system can also be used as a vessel for helping calm ongoing chatter of the mind, reducing stress and teaching extroverted personalities to redirect their attention to their internal experience. Power Yoga will most likely appeal to people who are already quite fit, enjoy exercising, and want a minimal amount of chanting and meditation with their yoga. Prepare to work hard and work up a sweat.

Yoga Exploration

The Yoga Exploration classes offer an organic, internal and exploratory approach to access your core energy, release internal holding patterns, and help you feel balanced, energized and refreshed. Invited by the breath, imagery and guided movement, these gentle-yet powerful classes will focus on helping you create more space, fluidity, and ease of movement. Patricia and Andrew will explore Asana from the inside out, meditation and the breath,

occasionally partner poses, and restorative poses. There is usually a short

Free Form Chapter, where they put on a music playlist to help you pause, listen and practice together what you feel guided to do. Classes start on Monday, January 13th.

Universal Dances of Peace

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St John is hosting a Universal  Dances of Peace to be held at Maho Bay Camps Upper Pavilion on Tuesday evening Nov 13th from 7-9pm. The Dances of Peace are a meditative, spiritual practice using the mantras of all World Religions to promote Peace. The Dances of North American Sufic origin combine chants from world faiths with dancing, whirling and a variety of movement with Singing.

 Please join us. The emphasis is on participation regardless of ability. We are requesting a $15. donation but no one will be turned away. Rachel Theo-Maurelli and jeff Tiebout of Roanoke, Virginia will be leading the event. See you there!
Visiting teachers,Jeff and Rachel are dedicated chant and meditation practitioners. They are passionate teachers committed to encouraging everyone to cultivate their personal connection to the Divine within and shine their light into the world.

Event suggested by Do Yoga St. John member:

Suki Bachalter

Crystal Blue Yoga
Suki 340-642-3739
Jessa 970-376-2657