Do Yoga St. John is a website for our yoga community to promote yoga to all residents and visitors of St. John US Virgin Islands.

Do Yoga St. John is designed to provide information about all yoga classes, events and other yoga opportunities on our beautiful island.  These opportunities are led by experienced yoga teachers dedicated to provide people with an authentic and healing yoga experience.

Yoga opportunities are offered for people at all levels, featuring various yoga traditions and styles, and available as group activities or private sessions.

Regularly scheduled yoga classes are held almost daily throughout the island.  Please see the “calendar” for times and locations.

Instructors are available for private classes or group class at your home or vacation villa.  Please see the section on “teachers” to find out more about teachers available for classes.

The yoga teachers also provide the community with special events.  This photo is from a regular event held at Concordia, this is Chair Yoga for our island Seniors.  Please see the section on “events” to find out about upcoming and past events.