Saturday Summer Series Fun

Join Jen Endicott, 200hr RYT, at St John School of the Arts in Cruz Bay for an invigorating 90 minute LifePower Yoga class set to upbeat dance music. As the sunsets the lights will stay low bringing everyone deeper into their practice, your movement glows.

Saturday 9/17/16, 6:30-8pm
If it glows, wear it.✨

Shaman Meditation Class

Tuesdays at the Ag Center, 5:30 PM to 7 PM
Shaman Meditation Class – by Donation

Join Sandra Miller (PH.D. Candidate in Shamanism, Ordained Shaman Minister, and adept of The Lynn Andrews Mystery School since 1999) as she takes us on a guided tour of our inner selves.

Classes held Tuesdays, starting August 30th.

Find your power animals, your inner guides, and your teachers through storytelling, cards, and guided meditation. Make Spiritual Magic an everyday occurrence in your life.
We will discover and learn ways to help us remain centered and calm – a welcome tool in these chaotic times. Now is the time to learn the Shamanic teachings of The Sisterhood of The Shields

It is a great honor to share these teachings
You are a unique and special person
Celebrate your power
Celebrate your life
Celebrate you

Join the sacred feminine!

Sandra is also available for healing session by phone or in person. If you would like to deepen your journey, schedule a private session with Sandra.

About Sandra Miller’s teacher Lynn Andrews:

Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally best-selling author of the Medicine Woman Series. She presents shamanic teachings in her four year program in her Mystery School. Lynn is initiated as a member of the Sisterhood of the Shields, 44 women who are healers from cultures as diverse as Panama, Guatemala, Australia, Nepal, North America and the Yucatan. She hosts annual live gatherings for shamanic healing and empowerment in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and Hawaii, and has led shamanic tours to Egypt, Peru, Alaska, Ireland and other sacred sites around the globe.

Summer/Fall Schedule


yoga-meditationPlease be aware of the reduced yoga schedule on St. John during the summer/early autumn.  Many of the yoga teachers leave island during this time to recharge.  We do have some yoga teachers staying around so please join them for yoga!!!


We will be back in full force come October & November.  Namaste for now!




St. Croix Elemental Flow Retreat September 1-4, 2016


TheCourtyardJoin Rasamaya’s Shakti Tribe for a life-changing, playful immersion on the magic island of St. Croix. It’s a new moon, the perfect time for transformation and some serious soul-digging awesomeness. We are hosting an elemental flow conference with 4 days of meditation, intention-setting, fire ceremony, structure and flow yoga workshops, hula hoping and poi play integrated with yoga, dance party, Thai yoga massage are just to name a few.


It would be great to deepen our community connection by having St. John represented on St. Croix!  Please share with your yoga and movement community.


DAILY MORNING SCHEDULE | Thurs Sept 1 – Sunday Sept 4
615am – 7am: Elemental Flow Meditation | Katie
7am – 815am: Elemental Flow Yoga | Carrie
830am – 10am: Astrological Birth Chart Readings | Quinn

Thursday Sept 1
10am – 11am The Art of Play: Poi, Hooping & Flow | Kiki
1115am – 1215pm Anatomy + Deep Stretch: Upper Body | Carrie
New Moon Fire Ceremony (Location & Time TBD)

Friday Sept 2
10am – 11am Fire & Rewire: Using Restorative Poses to Create Affective Balance | Maura
11:15am – 12:15pm TBD | Katie
Friday: Fire show with Kiki & The Flaming Gypsies (Location & Time TBD)

Saturday Sept 3
10am – 11am The Art of Play: Poi, Hooping & Flow | Kiki
1115am – 1215pm Anatomy + Deep Stretch: Lower Body | Carrie
Saturday: Dance Party (Location & Time TBD)

Sunday Sept 4
10am – 11am Fire & Rewire: Using Restorative Poses to Create Effective Balance | Maura
1115am – 1215pm Thai Bodywork | Carrie


Includes: All Sessions, Fire Ceremony, Fire Dance Performance & Dance Party

Add on your astrological birth chart:
$45 must be scheduled in advance

Drop In $15 per session (please RSVP a spot by email)

Need help with lodging? We have room blocks reserved at four hotels. For more information email:








It is that time of year already!!!  Concordia Yoga will be ending for the season this Saturday, July 25th.  We will be back in October.  Our yoga teaches are taking a break from island life over the next two months so we will be wrapping up yet another fabulous season.  Thank you all for your support and energy!!!  May August and September be full of peace and happiness.  We will be back in October with a partial schedule and should be back to a full schedule in November.  Information will be posted as it becomes available.




Spring is that time to bloom and grow. Feel yourself free of the winter weather or busy season! Open your heart to new experiences. Time to grow your yoga practice. Come on out to our yoga classes. Renew yourself.



Try something new…SUP YOGA with Thais.  Check out


Discover Ways to Health and Happiness!!!


There might not be anything new in the information or news on basics of staying healthy, but maybe there will be new thinking about the “how” to implement health in your life this New Year.

Recess or Play – Getting the exercise you want

Find an activity that you are passionate about…walking, swimming, hiking, yoga, SUP, or whatever.  We have so many options here on St. John or wherever you may live.   If you don’t have a passion, experiment, try a little of it all and see what sticks.

Maybe set a goal…if you are thinking about running, maybe it is too late for 2014’s 8 Tuff Miles, but you can start by getting involved this year with the event and plan to run or walk in it next year for 2015.  For 2014, we have the Beach to Beach swim over Memorial Day Weekend and the new SUP Competition (Stand Up Paddleboard) event with the Friends of the VI National Park.  You can even join the Friends to help as a volunteer. Through hands-on work, you’ll learn new skills, share your knowledge with others, gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Park and our community, and have fun.  You may fall in love with hiking.

Buddy up! Find a friend to join you on your journey for better health.  Studies show if you have a buddy, you will be more likely to keep the commitment to play.

Weight – Getting to comfortable

Instead of looking for a number on the scale, think about getting to a place where you feel comfortable in your skin and clothes.  Maintaining a weight where you feel freedom of movement, think moving is easy and walking is easy.  In this era of replacement, whether it be knee, hip or ankle, the additional weight on these significant joints can make a serious impact on their function and on your movement.

From a Yoga Journal article, a 2013 review of 17 clinical trials concluded that a regular yoga practice which includes asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing) and Savasana (deep relaxation) practiced for 60 minutes, three times a week, is an effective tool for maintaining a healthy weight.  Also, yoga helps with all these joint concerns too.

Here we go, you have already heard it…eating…you know it.

  • More veggies, less meat
  • More fresh and organic produce, less frozen, canned and processed foods
  • Less salt
  • Less alcohol…only one or two drinks a day for good health

So on our island, how to find good healthy options.

  • Josephine’s Organic Produce in Coral Bay.
  • Starfish and St. John Market both have organic options
  • Pickles in Paradise – almost everything on the menu plus their special nights including Vegetarian Dinners on Thursdays and Locally Sourced food on Saturdays.
  • Most restaurants have healthy options… so think salads (with dressing on the side) and baked fish…narrow your selection down so you are not tempted with the high fat selections.

Also have one or two large glasses of water before you eat.  Keep hydrated all day long.

If you are looking for something called a diet…think The Mediterranean diet.  This diet is a modern nutritional recommendation inspired by the traditional dietary patterns of Greece, Spain and Southern Italy. The principal aspects of this diet include proportionally high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetables, moderate to high consumption of fish, moderate consumption of dairy products (mostly as cheese and yogurt), moderate wine consumption, and low consumption of meat and meat products. You can find details on the internet to help with this option.

Sleep – Getting the rest you need

Making sure you get at least seven or more hours of sleep every night.  Turn off the TV or the computer, and pick up a book or magazine instead.  Move away from the light…of the super stimulations of TVs and computers.

Use pranayama (breath control) to relax before sleep.  Many pranayamas cool down the nervous system making the transition into sleep easier.  One easy pranayama to remember is to inhale to a count of 5, double the number to 10, and exhale to the new number of 10.  You can pick any number for your inhale, just double it for your exhale.

Nap in the afternoon…take a 20 to 30 minute siesta in the afternoon.  Any longer, and it can impact your night sleep.  But at 20 – 30 minutes, the nap can re-energize you for the rest of the day.


3-day Ayurveda Workshop – August 3rd – 5th

Join us at Concordia Eco-Resort, St. John, for a beautiful weekend of self-discovery through Ayurvedic traditions. Ayurveda translates to mean the “Science of Life” and is truly a living experiential science that develops awareness and a deeper connection to self. Through the use of foods, herbs, yoga asana, massage, and practices, Ayurveda guides us towards balance and optimal health. This workshop will help you create a tool kit to maintain balance in your life and in your diet specific to your constitutional dosha (dominant elemental energies). Your Ayurvedic guides will be Maureen (Mo) Washburn, San Francisco, California; Jessica Rhodes, Sacramento, California; and Lindsey Chabot, St. John, USVI – all Certified Ayurvedic Practitioners.


Friday, August 3 – 5:00 – 9:00PM

  • Ayurveda revealed – introducing Ayurveda including breathing, elements and doshas.
  • Guided Yoga Asana – a gentle evening practice
  • Dinner – Ayurvedic inspired with specific information about each dish and a discussion on food and recipes.


Saturday, August 4 – 8:00AM – 3:00PM

  • Early morning Yoga Asana followed by tea and snack
  • Ayurveda presented- gaining a deeper understanding of the doshas and the pulse
  • Lunch – Eating for your constitution, more learnings about food, preparation and recipes
  • Ayurveda explored – experiencing the senses…balancing your life with spices and essential oils


Sunday, August 5 – 8:00AM – 2:00PM

  • Early morning Yoga Asana followed by tea and snack
  • Ayurvedic practiced – learning about self care tools, oil pulling, salt scrubs & massage
  • Hike down to Salt Pond Bay
  • Lunch – Sensing and Balancing




You will be going home with:

Guided written instructions on balancing your life

Ways to incorporate yoga into your life, specific for your needs

Tridoshic recipes

Salt Scrub with essential oils

Resources for future needs



Concordia Eco Resorts


To make your retreat experience complete, we welcome you to stay the weekend at Concordia Eco-Resort. Take advantage of discounted accommodations available for this event, including Eco-Tents from $55 and Eco-Studios from $99 per night for all Puerto Rico, BVI, and USVI residents. Non-resident discounts are also available; please call Rosanne at 340-693-5855 for more information on package discounts for this event. or book your reservation at 800-392-9004 or 340-715-0500.

Surrounded by pristine US Virgin Islands National Park on the island of St. John, Concordia Eco-Resort overlooks the Caribbean waters of Salt Pond Bay, Drunk Bay, and the Drake Passage. A variety of accommodations are perched like tree houses along the hillside, connected by elevated walkways to minimize impact and engage the surrounding flora and fauna. Low-impact construction, an extensive rain-water collection system, photovoltaic electric generation, and its recycling program make Concordia the perfect retreat for the eco-conscience traveler. For more information about Concordia visit their site by clicking on the following link.




Maureen (Mo) Washburn

Mo is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner who has been joyfully practicing at the dhyana Center since January 2011. Mo is deeply connected to facilitating self-awareness and self-care for those interested in transforming their lives into a greater state of balance.She listens compassionately to each client’s needs and approaches each client’s journey with creativity and care. She utilizes sessions as a space to not only assist her clients in change physically, but also as an opportunity to impart tools of taking care of one’s self out in the world.Whether its nourishment or stir that is needed, Mo’s attention to detail and ability to hold space for each person’s process creates an environment that is comfortable and safe for reflection and release.She practices Ayurvedic/Tibetan style pulse assessment, which guides conversation around current states of health and wellbeing. This lays the foundation for what types of food, remedies, and treatments are called for to support each client’s needs.

Jessica Rhodes

Jessica’s classes will support and uplift you, as she has a remarkable eye for spotting emotional and physical blocks through asana. Jess is a devotional teacher that draws from Pattahbi Jois’ Ashtanga , Sivananda, Power Vinyasa, Bhakti and Yin schools of thought. Yoga isn’t elite, she says, and it isn’t a perfect combination of lycra and spandex. Yoga is breath, yoga is life, and yoga is for all people – all faiths – all cultures – all sizes – and all bodies. Jess started seriously practicing yoga when she broke her back and was bedridden. Yoga brought joy and movement to her life again, and she now loves to bring it to others.

During her stay in India, Jess lived in both the Sivananda and Hari Om ashrams. These experiences afforded her the knowledge of practice, daily observances, and Ayurvedic background that enrich her classes around the world. Jessica has completed two 200-hour teacher training programs, one in Rishikesh, India focused on Pranayama, Chanting, Kriah, and Asana. She also completed a 200-hr Power Vinyasa Teacher Training Course in Sacramento, California. She is also a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and a Certified Massage Practitioner, and will be available for some one on one training, pulse diagnosis and massage therapy sessions while on St. John.


Lindsey Chabot

Lindsey went looking for something different after running a marathon in college. It was all over after going to her first Bikram yoga class. She immediately fell in love with the focused energy and self-discipline that yoga requires. The way that yoga makes you face yourself moment by moment has allowed her to know herself in great strength, and in moments of extreme weakness. She has since been exploring the many ways yoga changes….absolutely everything. Yoga quickly became something like taking a shower, you just DO IT. Having been lucky enough to practice in many different studios all over the country, Lindsey tries to absorb as much as possible and share it with friends, yogi’s and anyone who’s interested. She was trained and certified in Ashtanga by the late and great Larry Shultz and the amazing people at It’s Yoga, San Francisco in 2008. Also a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, Lindsey’s interest in wellness stretches way beyond the perfect pose. Well aware that her journey has just begun, she feels honored and blessed to be on it with the people of St. John. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about feeling good.



The fee for this three day workshop is $175; if paid for before July 25th, the early discount price is $150.

This fee includes – dinner on Friday, lunches on Saturday & Sunday, three yoga classes, salt scrub, written instructions and recipes.

Also available and highly recommended additional sessions and fees (limited space so please reserve your times early):

Ayurvedic Birth Pulse Assessment: Discover your constitution – 30 minutes – $40

Ayurvedic Nutrition and Wellness: Consultation including Birth Pulse Assessment and how to eat for your dosha – 60 minutes – $60

Chakra Reading: Deepen your understanding of your emotions and how they impact your body – 30 minutes – $40

Personalized yoga plan: Customized yoga practice based on your body type, condition and wellness goals – 30 minutes – $40

Ayurvedic Package: Includes your choice of three of the above sessions: 90 minutes – $100

Ayurvedic Massage: Specific to your needs for 90 minutes $125 or $250 for six hand massage (limited space available)



For more information call Lindsey at 978-790-4016 or email her at or call Nancy at 340-775-0533 or email her at


Sacred Sounds – April 2012


Sacred Sounds

Concordia Eco-Resort

On April 20th, over 30 students joined Elizabeth Gowan for Mantra Yoga.  Elizabeth lead our journey through a chakra based asanas practice for freeing the voice within.  Suki Buchalter proved beautiful sounds on her crystal bowls that vibrated all around each of us, touching our souls.

After the asanas,  a kirtan was led by Ananda Nilyam from St. Thomas.  The pavilion filled with smoothing chants in a call and respond format.   A plentiful vegetarian

dinner followed catered by East West Catering.  All the produce and herbs were organic and locally grown.  The meal was outstanding and loved by all.



The evening event continued to amaze us all…once nightfall set, a fire show with Pyros of the Caribbean began…Sandwich, one of our yoga teachers, performed…the photo says more than words!!!

The evening ended with a quiet candlelit hike down to Salt Pond Bay beach for a blessing.  The perfect end to a perfect night.