Sacred Mother – May 2012


Sacred Mother – May 2012

Maho Bay Campgrounds

On May 18th a group of approximately 25 yogis met at the beautiful F Pavilion at Maho Bay Camps in Honor of the Sacred Mother and were led by Suki and Jessa Buchalter, St John’s resident mother/daughter yoga teaching team in a joyful asana practice.  Viki Brown opened the event by Honoring the 7 Directions and led the group in a guided meditation with drumming and flute which grounded us.  The theme for this event was Building Compassion, Cooperation and Community in our lives. Jessa guided everyone through a lovely vinyasa flow warmup then Suki offered some Heart opening exercises building compassion.This was followed by a fun series of partner poses where we practiced cooperation.  Finally in seated pose we released any negative blocks such as blame, shame criticism and judgment that may be separating us from finding community in our homes,on St John and in the wider world community. After much laughter, grounding, working together and releasing of negativity we were all feeling energized, open hearted and ready to greet the world with compassion,  cooperation and in community.  We enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the staff at Maho Bay Camps.  The movie “Playing for Change” was shown at the dining pavilion, which was enjoyed by all who stayed.

Originally we planned to view the documentary “For the Next 7 Generations” put together by the Alliance of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Stay tuned, this will be shown at a later date.



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