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Downward Dog

Downward Dog Find Table, (on your hands and knees – hands spread wide pushing into the earth, wrist under the shoulders, knees under the hips…spine is long.) Then toes tucked under, Inhale On the exhale, push into the hands, lift the knees about five inches from the mat, bring the chest through the arms toward […]


Yoga – A Path to Health

  Alan Finger, founder of Yoga Zone and Be Yoga, is one of my favorite yoga teachers.  His book, Chakra Yoga – Balancing Energy for Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Well Being is one of my “go to” books.  I have also recently read The Science of Yoga – The Risks and the Rewards by William […]

India - Rajasthan - Jaipur

Table/Cat/Cow – Do these for your back!!!

Table – On hands and knees.  With a flat back. Shoulders in line with wrists, knees in line with hips.  Hands spread as wide as possible. Cat/Cow -Marjarisana Bitilasana – Inhale (Cow) – the movement starts in the pelvis or tailbone, slowly rotating the tailbone up to the sky, dropping the abdomen down to the earth […]


Discover Ways to Health and Happiness!!!

  There might not be anything new in the information or news on basics of staying healthy, but maybe there will be new thinking about the “how” to implement health in your life this New Year. Recess or Play – Getting the exercise you want Find an activity that you are passionate about…walking, swimming, hiking, […]


New Yoga Classes in St. John

  Our yoga experience on our small and beautiful island continues to grow with the addition of three new yoga classes. At Concordia, we now have Yin Yang Yoga on Sunday mornings at 7:30 with Heather . At the Recreation Center in Cruz Bay, we have Power Yoga on Saturday mornings at 9:00 with Lindsey. […]