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Discover Ways to Health and Happiness!!!

  There might not be anything new in the information or news on basics of staying healthy, but maybe there will be new thinking about the “how” to implement health in your life this New Year. Recess or Play – Getting the exercise you want Find an activity that you are passionate about…walking, swimming, hiking, […]

New Yoga Classes in St. John

  Our yoga experience on our small and beautiful island continues to grow with the addition of three new yoga classes. At Concordia, we now have Yin Yang Yoga on Sunday mornings at 7:30 with Heather . At the Recreation Center in Cruz Bay, we have Power Yoga on Saturday mornings at 9:00 with Lindsey. […]


Cobra Start in table then slowly lower down to your stomach. Keeping your hands under your shoulders, elbows are bent into the body, shoulder blades melt down the back.  All ten toenails are pushing into the mat and your legs are zip together into a tail. Forehead on the floor.  Inhale and slowly lift your head, straightening […]

The Breath: Reduce Stress and Find Your Inner Peace

The Breath: Reduce Stress and Find Your Inner Peace – Part 1 As we begin 2013, we look for ways to improve our precious life. In our busy lives, we need simple methods which we can apply each day. We know that stress can have a negative impact on our bodies and mind. We know […]

The Breath: Reduce Stress and Find Your Inner Peace Part 2

The Breath:  Reduce Stress and Find Your Inner Peace – part 2 As we continue our experiment with Pranayama, let us examine more deeply the benefits of reduced stress and the impact on our bodies, our psych and our lives. From the Mayo Clinic and other medical reports, we learn that stress may be affecting […]