Connect with Jen Endicott:

Phone: (303) 522-4077


Instagram: jen.strongandwell


Jen Endicott is a 200hr Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Yin Yoga Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and previous NPC competitor from Colorado. Jen and her husband left the Rocky Mountain state in September 2015 to pursue their dream of living by the sea. They currently reside in St John, US Virgin Islands.

Jen describes herself as a recovering Type-A personality; a gal who couldn’t sit still. In fact, she once said, “the only place I’m able to relax and feel at peace is at the beach”, far from where she was in Colorado at the time. Back then practicing yoga never really came to mind. When she eventually decided to try out yoga it wasn’t to relax but rather be more flexible and touch her unreachable toes. Years later and still unable to touch her toes Jen was feeling stressed due to leaving a stable corporate America job to pursue a career in her passion of fitness. It was then Jen decided to add yoga into her weekly strength training regimen to assist with stress management and of course, address those unreachable toes. As a yoga student, she was leaving sessions feeling uplifted, inspired and calm. It was on the mat where Jen learned to be accepting of her self-described Type-A tendencies and cope with the stress of her career change. Jen was beginning to feel the same peace she mentioned feeling when relaxing at the beach. Jen shares she will always be a student of yoga but as a yoga teacher, Jen strives to provide an inviting environment to all levels, those who can and cannot touch their toes. Her sequences are designed to assist in building strength, flexibility and balance as well as increasing awareness. Jen’s hope is you leave the mat feeling refreshed, centered, and strong and connected to mind, body and soul.