Yoga Seed Assist Workshop

Yoga Seed Assisting Program
March 26th – 27th
3 to 9PM
at Villa Pelican Beach – Coral Bay
with visiting teacher Jessica Rhodes

To register, contact Lindsey at 340-201-6970 or or sign up online at EventSpot.
Register for this Do Yoga St. John event with EventSpot and receive a gift card for one free yoga class at Concordia. The gift card is good for any regular class with any teacher and is transferable. Your card will be given to you at the event.
Do you want to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga?

Do you want to experience loving-kindness in your life?

Do you need more massage?

As humans we seek one simple thing: Healing. That’s why we are here. We seek it through others and we seek it on a solitary journey.

Whether you are currently teaching, thinking about teaching, or new to yoga and  just wanting to learn more about the poses, this Kosha based assisting program will serve you well. You will learn how to practice Loving Kindness meditation, how to implement it when physically assisting someone in a yoga pose, and you will learn how to deepen your students’ practice with physical assists.

Yoga teachers, build confidence in your physical assists that will expand your class offerings in a whole new way!

Assisting is the ultimate way to deepen your understanding of yoga, to put loving-kindness into practice, and to experience safe and appropriate touch as a healing modality.

The Yoga Seed’s 25 hour Assisting Training has been condensed into 12 hours for the St. John program. It is a speedy and intimate program that  will teach you to use physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and blissful levels of our-selves to teach hands-on assisting skills. During this training you will learn to:

-Observe Students, their practice, and find the assist that fits

-Understand the in’s and out’s of the physical poses

-Develop Skills for Safe Hands-on Assisting

The course also contains the following as it pertains to assisting:

-General Anatomy Overview

-Modifications for Bodies of different Shapes, Sizes & Ability Levels

Join Jessica Rhodes E-RYT  as they take you through the 5 Koshas, or energy bodies, and 50+ poses in two weekends. You will receive a book, 12 hours of hands on practice and recieving. This is a self-healing and community building workshop that will feed your soul.