Workshops with Visiting Teacher Charmian Redwood

Visiting spiritual teacher Charmian Redwood will be offering workshops at the People Moving Forward Foundation located behind Morgan’s Mango in Cruz Bay.

About Charmian Redwood: 

Charmian offers workshops and individual sessions guiding people to connect with their own Divine Essence and the Self who has already made the transformation into the Higher Self.  30 years ago Charmian had a Near Death Experience during which she returned to the Golden Light of the Source. There she was awakened to the consciousness of Herself as a God Presence. Her life purpose since that event has been to assist others to experience themselves as Divine Essence in the Golden Light of Home before they leave the body at the end of their lives.

She has written two books, both taken from hypnosis sessions. Coming Home To Lemuria, was written after taking many people back to the lost continent of Lemuria to remember how we lived in Oneness and Love. The second book, 2012 A New Earth Rising, was written after taking people forward through the dimensional shift of 2012 into the Healed Earth where we are living once more from our God Essence as we did in Lemuria.

Sunday April 14th
2 pm to 5 pm
Archangel Gabriel Connection to the Divine Within
at the People Moving Forward Foundation

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger who connects Heaven and Earth. At this event Charmian will play crystal bowls and guide us to connect with our own God Self. We will then create a ceremony to acknowledge ourselves and each other as Divine Beings. Bring something ceremonial, flowers, scarves, jewels for the ceremony.

Cost $ 50 ( sliding scale available) Space is limited RSVP Charmian 340-626-5443    or e mail

Saturday April 20th
10 am to 5 pm
Archangels Uriel and Raphael
at the People Moving Forward Foundation

A workshop with Charmian Redwood and her crystal singing bowls. Journeys of initiation and empowerment with Archangels Uriel, he is the overlighting Archangel of the Kingdom of Nature. All of the devas and elementals work under him. We will learn how to communicate with the plant spirits all around us and how to grow your garden in harmony with all kingdoms. Archangel Raphael is the head of the Healing Host. Wherever healing is taking place Raphael is there. We will receive initiation with this powerful Archangel and then practice our healing skills in a group.

Cost $100 (sliding scale available) Space is limited RSVP Charmian 340-626-5443  or e mail

Sunday, April 21st
2 pm to 5 pm
Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in Perfect Balance
at the People Moving Forward Foundation

It is time now to heal the division between men and women that has resulted from thousands of years of patriarchy. Both men and women have been wounded so now we need to find the balance of the male and feminine within ourselves and then walk together as equals in sacred union. Charmian will play crystal singing bowls and lead a journey to bring in the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine and to find the point of balance in the heart.

Cost $ 50 RSVP Charmian 340-626-5443   or space is limited