Patricia Schneider and Andrew Junker

Freedom Style Yoga, Yoga From the Inner Body and  Life on the Planet



Yellow Springs Yoga

 Patricia Schneider RYT 500  and Andrew Junker, RYT 500

Patricia and Andrew have been teaching Yoga since 1982 and Yoga  to STJ locals since 1986.  They teach seasonally January through April, AND IN 2016 ARE TEACHING MONTHLY SUNDAY MORNING WORKSHOPS ALTERNATING BETWEEN  THE ST JOHN SCHOOL OF THE ARTS AND THE CONCORDIA YOGA PAVILION.

Patricia’s background in nursing and as a healer/bodyworker/Trager practitioner,  and Andrew’s background as a neurophysiologist/scientist/researcher/inventor bring unique qualities to their teaching.  They have an eclectic Yoga background, dating back to the late 1970’s when they found Yoga to be a useful tool for awakening.  They travel extensively to be with Master Teachers, and organize trainings and workshops with these teachers in Yellow Springs Ohio when not in residence on St. John.

While they were deeply influenced by and certified in the Iyengar system early on, since 1986 they have been inspired by the Inner Body teachings of Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten.  Patricia is their world-wide organizer and they travel each year to take Angela and Victor’s 2 WEEK courses in Greece.  They have also studied extensively with Judith Lasater since 1986, and organize Judith’s popular Teacher Trainings in Yellow Springs each Spring.    In 1999 Patricia and Andrew met Erich Schiffmann and have been profoundly influenced by his  teachings and by daily PERSONAL practice with him in California  when they are in residence there.   Patricia is featured in Angela’s numerous DVDs and Erich’s ‘Freedom Style Yoga’ DVD.

Patricia and Andrew’s  WORKSHOPS are fun, refreshing and restorative…gentle yet powerful.  Classes usually focus on creating more internal space, fluidity and ease of movement, deep openings, and release of deep-seated holding patterns….invited by breath, imagery, and movement.

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