Emily Sada Sukh Sorensen

Emily Sada Sukh Sorensen



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All answers come from within and all of humanity is connected to source. The inspirations for the arts of Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga were discovered in nature; the strength of a mountain, the calm of a lake, the swiftness of a cheetah, the flexibility of tree branches, the clarity of the sky.

These practices have been developed to assist humanity in realizing our interconnection to all that is. Current modern issues can be solved by delving into the science of these ancient offerings. Each has its unique recipe to quiet the mind, strengthen the body and cultivate the spirit.

The first rule of Tai Chi is to “Invest in Loss” meaning to not insist or resist but instead to go with “The Watercourse Way”. The first rule of yoga is “yoga chitta vritti nirodha” that practice calms the fluctuations of the body and mind. The first rule of meditation is to “allow” all the thoughts, sensations and distractions “to be” as we sit and observe. “Practice makes More Fun!”. As the lotus bud blossoms, we move into more deeply interconnected spaces as the body, mind and spirit give us the clues to.

To Breathe high quality air into every cell; to Be Aware of our own thoughts, words & actions and to bring a conscious thread as to how those things are affecting others; To bend, stretch and flex, skillfully, daily to give our bodies the best chance of health and wellness until the day we die; To conscientiously choose the highest quality food for our own well-being and to know that the food we choose is financing the source from which it comes; To listen to and speak vibrations that raise the frequency of compassion, love and gratitude; To surround ourselves with truth & beauty in every endeavor; To know that it is “Us” who creates this life and to be honest with ourselves as to what we have chosen and how we are affected by it; To remember that everything is temporary and there are always options…

This is the essence of my own practice and the building blocks of my teachings. Ultimately, lets celebrate Living in the moment, respectfully Together with a Foundation of Infinity.

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