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Adam Lawrence Eichenhauer


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Adam Lawrence E. has been a student of yoga and the martial arts since 2005. He has committed his life to the arts after battling anxiety, depression, and post traumatic seizure disorder. Through yoga, breathing exercises, focus, and self discipline, he has overcome great obstacles. Finding the healing powers of T’ai Chi qigong, yoga, and meditation, motivated Adam to help others find their “life force” and use it to heal themselves from any ailments that disrupt the natural flow of energy in the mind and body. He volunteers at the St. Ursula’s Church teaching children and adults TaeKwonDo. He strives to help others because he enjoys seeing others find their own inner peace. Adam is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, and a committed martial artist. His style of teaching represents the dedication to both arts and finds a balance of harmony in the benefits of each expression of the human body. It’s a very unique and traditional method that has the same roots in history. The art of disciplining the mind, body, and spirit.


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