Universal Dances of Peace

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St John is hosting a Universal  Dances of Peace to be held at Maho Bay Camps Upper Pavilion on Tuesday evening Nov 13th from 7-9pm. The Dances of Peace are a meditative, spiritual practice using the mantras of all World Religions to promote Peace. The Dances of North American Sufic origin combine chants from world faiths with dancing, whirling and a variety of movement with Singing.

 Please join us. The emphasis is on participation regardless of ability. We are requesting a $15. donation but no one will be turned away. Rachel Theo-Maurelli and jeff Tiebout of Roanoke, Virginia will be leading the event. See you there!
Visiting teachers,Jeff and Rachel are dedicated chant and meditation practitioners. They are passionate teachers committed to encouraging everyone to cultivate their personal connection to the Divine within and shine their light into the world.

Event suggested by Do Yoga St. John member:

Suki Bachalter

Crystal Blue Yoga
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