Eight Limb Yoga with Catherine

Eight Limbs Yoga

Eight Limbs Yoga

Are you ready for the whole yoga package?

Catherine’s new class, Eight Limbs Yoga, will take you beyond the poses through a fun and joyful introduction to the sutras, mantra, breath work and meditation. Classes begin with the sharing of a yoga wisdom – a sutra, yama or niyama. Five minutes of guided meditation and an hour of lineage asana (proven pose sequences) follow. Class ends with a mantra and an optional discussion of the teaching of the day.

We only need a clean, flat surface and willing bodies, minds and spirits to practice Eight Limbs. Though Zen-like in its minimalism, Eight Limbs classes are not austere. Instead, free of artificial distraction, your experience will be infused with joy, bliss, self-discovery and laughter. Not specifically targeted at the body, yoga’s happy byproduct can be weight loss, pain relief and long lasting fitness. The true aim of Eight Limbs Yoga is liberation for all beings through the practice of compassion and ultimately, your enlightenment.

The physical yoga practices are only the base of the mountain. Climb to the summit. The air is fine and the view is clear.

with Catherine Turner
CYT 200, teaching since 2011, practicing since 1994
Blending Ashtanga Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Sivananda and other lineage sequencing

FRIDAYS – 9 TO 10:30 AM


New Yoga Classes in St. John


Our yoga experience on our small and beautiful island continues to grow with the addition of three new yoga classes.

  • At Concordia, we now have Yin Yang Yoga on Sunday mornings at 7:30 with Heather .
  • At the Recreation Center in Cruz Bay, we have Power Yoga on Saturday mornings at 9:00 with Lindsey.
  • At Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay, we have Yoga Exploration on Monday evenings at 5:30 – 7:00PM with Patricia and Andrew.

So let’s explore these new classes.

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga is designed to offer the balancing effects of yin (passive) and yang (active) styles of yoga and allow you to reach deeper into your practice.  This class draws upon the more internal, quiet and longer held postures, balanced with the more active, moving and dynamic or heat producing yoga postures to create a holistic body experience.

So what is the Yin?  Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with asanas that are held for comparatively long periods of time. It was founded and first taught in the US in the late 1970s by martial arts expert and Taoist yoga teacher Paulie Zink. Yin-style yoga is now being taught across North America and in Europe, due in large part to the teaching of Yin Yoga teachers Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.

Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. The practice of holding yoga poses or asanas for long periods of time has been part of traditional yoga practice, both in the Hatha yoga tradition of India and in the Taoist yoga tradition of the greater China area. Contemporary schools of hatha yoga have also advocated holding some poses for relatively long periods of time including BKS Iyengar.

And now for the Yang? We are more familiar with the Yang.  The typical vinyasa flow bringing us a more active asanas practice.  The Yang increases our flexibility and strength as we move through various asanas at quicker rate. This activity directs energy and flow into the muscles and superficial connective tissues. 

And coming together of the two? From an article by Sarah Powers in 2001, she describes Yin Yang yoga as reaching deeper both mentally and physically into a very integrated and satisfying practice.  The Yin part of the class comes first.  This holding of the asanas before the muscles are warm allows energy and prana to reach the deeper connective tissues of the joints.  Fluids have time to get to the joints and deep tissues allowing them to get “juicer” and stretch appropriately.  Then it is time for the Yang.  Once the muscles as well as the joints have awakened, the Yang brings in the more vigorous movements to build strength and challenge the body.

Power Yoga – Pushing your edges

Power yoga is a general term used in the West to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga and incorporates Ashtanga yoga. The term came into common usage in the mid 1990s, in an attempt to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible to western students. Its emphasis is on strength and flexibility.

For a brief view of the history behind Power Yoga, let’s explore its core: Ashtanga Yinyasa Yoga. Ashtanga is a style of yoga codified and popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois.  Pattabhi Jois began his yoga studies in 1927 at the age of 12, and by 1948 had established an institute for teaching the specific yoga practice known as Ashtanga (“eight-limbed”) Vinyasa Yoga. The term vinyāsa refers to the alignment of movement and breath, a method which turns static asanas into a dynamic flow. The length of one inhale or one exhale dictates the length of time spent transitioning between asanas. Two American yoga teachers are most often credited with the invention of power yoga: Beryl Bender Birch, based in New York, and Bryan Kest, based in Los Angeles. Not coincidentally, both these teachers had studied with Pattabhi Jois. Using the term power yoga differentiated the intense, flowing style of yoga they were teaching from the gentle stretching and meditation that many Americans associated with yoga.

Power Yoga has been argued to be the fundamental style of Hatha yoga that allowed for cultural acceptance of yoga in North America. According to the North American Studio Alliance, 30 million people are practicing yoga in the US. This includes practitioners not just of Power Yoga, but the entire practice of Yoga. Power yoga has been thought of as a physically demanding practice, which can be successful at channeling the hyperactivity of active minds. This system can also be used as a vessel for helping calm ongoing chatter of the mind, reducing stress and teaching extroverted personalities to redirect their attention to their internal experience. Power Yoga will most likely appeal to people who are already quite fit, enjoy exercising, and want a minimal amount of chanting and meditation with their yoga. Prepare to work hard and work up a sweat.

Yoga Exploration

The Yoga Exploration classes offer an organic, internal and exploratory approach to access your core energy, release internal holding patterns, and help you feel balanced, energized and refreshed. Invited by the breath, imagery and guided movement, these gentle-yet powerful classes will focus on helping you create more space, fluidity, and ease of movement. Patricia and Andrew will explore Asana from the inside out, meditation and the breath,

occasionally partner poses, and restorative poses. There is usually a short

Free Form Chapter, where they put on a music playlist to help you pause, listen and practice together what you feel guided to do. Classes start on Monday, January 13th.

Full Moon Maho Bay Camps Yoga Celebration

Full Moon Maho Bay Camps Yoga Celebration
Wednesday, April 24th
7 pm – 9 pm
Maho Pavilion
$25 or sliding scale. Limited yoga mats and blankets available.

Maho Bay Campground is officially closing on May 15. Maho’s yoga teachers, Suki, Joel and Jessa are hosting a Celebration of Maho, with Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Satsang.

Come join in Honoring the Beauty, Celebrate the Community, finding Joy and Celebration in all the wonderful memories of Maho Bay Camps!!

Suki has been leading her Heart-Centered Yoga classes at Maho Bay Camps since 1997 and has inspired 1000’s of people to begin or renew their yoga practice; giving guests at Maho their own private yoga retreat. Joel attended many of Suki’s classes over his years of working at Maho before traveling to New Mexico, India and Australia; for training and teaching. He has become a strong, well- loved yoga instructor. Jessa began her yoga practice in the Womb, took classes with Suki growing up and pursued yoga in college. She trained for her RYT at the Shoshoni Ashram in Shambhava Yoga and studied Anusara in Colorado. She has  developed a beautiful teaching style.

Come join us for this Full Moon Maho Celebration. All levels welcome.

Visiting Ayurveda Specialist Returns with a New Workshop – A Radical Journey in Self-Care

Ayurveda- A Radical Journey in Self-Care
with Jessica Rhodes and Lindsey Chabot

March 22nd through 24th
Concordia Eco-Resort
$250, includes food!
$220 if paid before March 8th

To register, contact Lindsey at 340-201-6970 or ldchabot@gmail.com or sign up online at EventSpot.

Register for this Do Yoga St. John event with EventSpot and receive a gift card for one free yoga class at Concordia. The gift card is good for any regular class with any teacher and is transferable. Your card will be given to you at the event.

Join us at Concordia Eco-Resort, St. John, for a beautiful weekend of self-discovery through Ayurvedic traditions.  Ayurveda translates to mean the “Science of Life” and is truly a living experiential science that develops awareness and a deeper connection to self.  Through the use of foods, herbs, yoga asana, massage, and practices, Ayurveda guides us towards balance and optimal health.  This workshop will help you create a tool kit to maintain balance in your life and in your diet specific to your constitutional dosha (dominant elemental energies).  Your Ayurvedic guides will be Jessica Rhodes, Sacramento, California; and Lindsey Chabot, St. John, USVI – Certified Ayurvedic Practitioners and Yoga teachers.


Friday, March 22nd–  5:00 – 9:00PM

  • Ayurveda revealed – introducing Ayurveda including breathing, elements and doshas.
  • Guided Yoga Asana – a cleansing evening practice
  • Dinner – Ayurvedic inspired with specific information about each dish and a discussion on food and recipes.

Saturday, March 23rd–  8:00AM – 2:00PM

  • Early morning Yoga Asana followed by tea and snack
  • Tools for YOU: Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry & gaining a deeper understanding of the doshas and the pulse as they relate to emotions you experience and problems you face
  • Lunch – Eating for your constitution, more learnings about food, preparation and recipes
  • Ayurveda explored – experiencing the senses…balancing your life with spices and essential oils

Sunday, March 24th–  8:00AM – 3:00PM

  • Early morning Yoga Asana followed by tea and snack
  • Ayurvedic practiced – learning about self care tools, oil pulling, salt scrubs & massage
  • Hike down to Salt Pond Bay: Scrub
  • Lunch – Sensing and Balancing: Come up with a practical set of ways to bring these tools to your life

You will be going home with:

Guided written instructions on balancing your life

Ways to incorporate yoga into your life, specific for your needs

Tridoshic recipes

Salt Scrub with essential oils

Resources for future needs


Concordia Eco Resorts

Surrounded by pristine US Virgin Islands National Park on the island of St. John, Concordia Eco-Resort overlooks the Caribbean waters of Salt Pond Bay, Drunk Bay, and the Drake Passage. A variety of accommodations are perched like tree houses along the hillside, connected by elevated walkways to minimize impact and engage the surrounding flora and fauna. Low-impact construction, an extensive rain-water collection system, photovoltaic electric generation, and its recycling program make Concordia the perfect retreat for the eco-conscience traveler.  For more information about Concordia visit their site by clicking here.


Jessica Rhodes

Jess’s classes will support and uplift you. Jess is an Ayurvedic practitioner and devotional teacher that draws from Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga, Sivananda, Power Vinyasa, Bhakti and Yin schools of thought.  Roll these powerful practices into a Yoga Therapy background, and she makes it accessible and available for all.

“Yoga isn’t elite,” she says,  “ Yoga is breath, yoga is life, and yoga is for all people – all faiths – all cultures – all sizes – and all bodies.” The same goes with Ayurveda. Jess started seriously practicing yoga when she broke her back and was bedridden.

During her stay in India, Jess lived in both the Sivananda and Hari Om ashrams. These experiences afforded her the knowledge of practice, daily observances, ayurvedic history, and legend that enrich her classes in Sacramento. Jessica has completed two 200-hour teacher training programs, one in Rishikesh, India focused on Pranayama, Chanting, Kriya, and Asana. She also completed a 200-hr Power Vinyasa Teacher Training in Sacramento. She will complete a supplemental 700 hour training in Yoga Therapy in the summer of 2013.

Jess is the Director of Development and Outreach champion at the Yoga Seed Collective, a non profit working to heal and unite the community through the power of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  She is also an Ayurvedic practitioner serving the Sacramento community with private consultations and group classes.

Lindsey Chabot

Lindsey went looking for something different after running a marathon in college. It was all over after going to her first Bikram yoga class. She immediately fell in love with the focused energy and self-discipline that yoga requires. The way that yoga makes you face yourself moment by moment has allowed her to know herself in great strength, and in moments of extreme weakness. She has since been exploring the many ways yoga changes….absolutely everything. Yoga quickly became something like taking a shower, you just DO IT. Having been lucky enough to practice in many different studios all over the country, Lindsey tries to absorb as much as possible and share it with friends, yogi’s and anyone who’s interested. She was trained and certified in Ashtanga by the late and great Larry Shultz and the amazing people at It’s Yoga, San Francisco in 2008. Also a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, Lindsey’s interest in wellness stretches way beyond the perfect pose. Well aware that her journey has just begun, she feels honored and blessed to be on it with the people of St. John. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about feeling good.



This fee includes –  dinner on Friday, lunches on Saturday & Sunday, three yoga classes, salt scrub, written instructions and recipes.

Also available and highly recommended additional sessions and fees (limited space so reserved your times early):

Ayurvedic Birth Pulse Assessment: Discover your constitution  – 30 minutes – $40

Ayurvedic Nutrition and Wellness: Consultation including Birth Pulse Assessment and how to eat for your dosha – 60 minutes – $60

Chakra Reading:  Deepen your understanding of your emotions and how they impact your body – 30 minutes – $40

Personalized yoga plan: Customized yoga practice based on your body type, condition and wellness goals – 30 minutes – $40

Ayurvedic Package: Includes your choice of three of the above sessions:  90 minutes – $100

Ayurvedic Massage:  Specific to your needs for  90 minutes $125 or $250 for four hand massage (limited space available)



Yoga Seed Assist Workshop

Yoga Seed Assisting Program
March 26th – 27th
3 to 9PM
at Villa Pelican Beach – Coral Bay
with visiting teacher Jessica Rhodes

To register, contact Lindsey at 340-201-6970 or ldchabot@gmail.com or sign up online at EventSpot.
Register for this Do Yoga St. John event with EventSpot and receive a gift card for one free yoga class at Concordia. The gift card is good for any regular class with any teacher and is transferable. Your card will be given to you at the event.
Do you want to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga?

Do you want to experience loving-kindness in your life?

Do you need more massage?

As humans we seek one simple thing: Healing. That’s why we are here. We seek it through others and we seek it on a solitary journey.

Whether you are currently teaching, thinking about teaching, or new to yoga and  just wanting to learn more about the poses, this Kosha based assisting program will serve you well. You will learn how to practice Loving Kindness meditation, how to implement it when physically assisting someone in a yoga pose, and you will learn how to deepen your students’ practice with physical assists.

Yoga teachers, build confidence in your physical assists that will expand your class offerings in a whole new way!

Assisting is the ultimate way to deepen your understanding of yoga, to put loving-kindness into practice, and to experience safe and appropriate touch as a healing modality.

The Yoga Seed’s 25 hour Assisting Training has been condensed into 12 hours for the St. John program. It is a speedy and intimate program that  will teach you to use physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and blissful levels of our-selves to teach hands-on assisting skills. During this training you will learn to:

-Observe Students, their practice, and find the assist that fits

-Understand the in’s and out’s of the physical poses

-Develop Skills for Safe Hands-on Assisting

The course also contains the following as it pertains to assisting:

-General Anatomy Overview

-Modifications for Bodies of different Shapes, Sizes & Ability Levels

Join Jessica Rhodes E-RYT  as they take you through the 5 Koshas, or energy bodies, and 50+ poses in two weekends. You will receive a book, 12 hours of hands on practice and recieving. This is a self-healing and community building workshop that will feed your soul.


Instead of a Nap, Nidra! – Yoga Nidra March 7th

Yoga Nidra
with Yoga BETH

Thursday, March 7, 2013 @ 5:30pm
Mongoose Jct. Yoga Center
$15 – bring pillow & blanket
drop ins welcome!

www.yoga-beth.blogspot.com      340/643-6467

Yoga nidra is yoga without movement. Yoga nidra relaxes the body and the mind. It allows you to completely unwind and get in touch with your inner self. The benefits of yoga nidra are far reaching, and can be different for everyone. Yoga nidra is an ancient practice that is also referred to as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness that is done in a comfortable lying position. The goal of yoga nidra is full body relaxation and a deep meditative state that addresses physiological, neurological and subconscious needs using techniques including guided imagery, breathing, meditation, concentration and body scanning. The biggest benefit of yoga nidra is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t involve physical expertise of any kind so even if you have a health condition, you can practice yoga nidra. Yoga nidra helps to quiet the overactive mind, promotes better sleep, eases anxiety and calms stress.

Explore the 10 Steps of Yoga Nidra

Unless you are an experienced practitioner of yoga nidra, a guide is needed to lead you through the experience at a relaxing and beneficial pace. Beth Escardo is a certified nidra teacher. If you attend a session with her, you will be expertly led through the following ten stages.

Getting Started: Set up your practice space by placing a bolster lengthwise on your mat and slipping a block under the top end, so that the bolster slants gently. Lie down with your sitting bones on the mat and with the bolster supporting you from the low back to the head. Place a folded blanket under your head for a pillow. Notice and welcome sounds, smells, and taste as well as color and light. Release excess tension throughout your body and feel a sense of relaxation spreading throughout your entire body and mind.

1. Connect to Your Heartfelt Desire. Bring to mind your heart’s deepest desire—something that you want more than anything else in life. Perhaps it is a desire for health, well-being, or awakening. Feel this heartfelt desire with your entire body while imagining and experiencing it in this moment as if it were true.

2. Set an Intention. Reflect on your intention for your practice today. It might be to relax and rest, or to inquire into a particular sensation, emotion, or belief. Whatever your intention, welcome and affirm it with your entire body and mind.

3. Find Your Inner Resource. Bring attention to your Inner Resource, a safe haven within your body where you experience feelings of security, well-being, and calm. You may imagine a place, person, or experience that helps you feel secure and at ease and that helps you feel within your body the sense of well-being. Re-experience your Inner Resource at any time during your practice or in daily life when you feel overwhelmed by an emotion, thought, or life circumstance and wish to feel secure and at ease.

4. Scan Your Body. Gradually move your awareness through your body. Sense your jaw, mouth, ears, nose, and eyes. Sense your forehead, scalp, neck, and the inside of your throat. Scan your attention through your left arm and left palm, your right arm and right palm, and then both arms and hands simultaneously. Sense your torso, pelvis, and sacrum. Experience sensation in your left hip, leg, and foot, and then in your right hip, leg, and foot. Sense your entire body as a field of radiant sensation.

5. Become Aware of Your Breath. Sense the body breathing by itself. Observe the natural flow of air in the nostrils, throat, and rib cage as well as the rise and fall of the abdomen with each breath. Feel each breath as flowing energy coursing throughout your entire body.

6. Welcome Your Feelings. Without judging or trying to change anything, welcome the sensations (such as heaviness, tension, or warmth) and emotions (such as sadness, anger, or worry) that are present in your body and mind. Also notice opposite sensations and emotions: If you feel worry, call up feelings of serenity; if you feel tense, experience ease. Sense each feeling and its opposite within your body.

7. Witness Your Thoughts. Notice and welcome the thoughts, memories, and images that are present in your mind. Observe your thoughts without judging them or trying to change them. As you come upon beliefs that you hold about yourself, also bring to mind and experience their opposites, welcoming your experience just as it is.

8. Experience Joy. Welcome sensations of joy, well-being, or bliss emanating from your heart or belly and spreading throughout your body and into the space around you. With every exhalation, experience sensations of warmth, joy, and well-being radiating throughout your body.

9. Observe Your Self. Be aware of your sense of “I-ness,” or personality. Notice this sense of identity when you say “I’m hungry,” “I’m angry,” or “I’m happy.” Then, experience yourself as an observing witness or Awareness that is cognizant of these feelings. Set aside thinking and dissolve into Awareness, awake and conscious of the self.

10. Reflect on Your Practice. As you complete your practice, reflect on the journey you’ve just taken. Affirm how the feeling of pure Being, or pure Awareness, is always present as a deep, unchanging peace that underlies every changing circumstance. Imagine integrating that feeling into your everyday life, in both pleasant and difficult moments, and always reconnecting to that sense of equanimity.

To Finish: At your own pace, transition back to your waking life, reorienting to your surroundings. Come back slowly, and pause for a moment to feel grateful for taking this time for yourself.

Awaken to Love – A Valentine’s Inspired Workshop

Awakening to Love

A Valentine’s Inspired Workshop with Patricia Schneider and Andrew Junker

February 10th – 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Followed by an optional brunch at Café Concordia

Concordia Yoga Pavilion

 $30 or sliding scale if needed

Life is a relationship.  It’s through our personal relationships that we learn and grow.  It doesn’t matter who we are interacting with at the moment, be it family, friends, partners, lovers, co-workers, or someone you have just met, these people, our communications are reflections of ourselves and our awareness.  When we commit to entering into deeper relationships, to engaging, we take a vow to listen; to allow the other to become a mirror of ourselves and ultimately our connection to the universal whole.


Through meditation, guided imagery, and breath-centered yoga we will experience loving and being loved.  Circulating compassionate energy through our hearts, we are invited to find our own yoga flow – to move and breathe and surrender to love.

After the workshop, join us for fabulous food, conversation, and music with Bo and Lauren. Cafe manager Joe Feraco and Chef Brian Beggarly have a new menu with vegetarian options and healthy choices.   Brian says, “Stop into the cafe before yoga starts on Sunday and ask for a vegan or vegetarian brunch special.”  If the cafe gets advanced notice, they will whip up a special especially for the workshop attendees! Relax and share ideas in the clear headed and open hearted space the yoga practice provides.

About Patricia & Andrew

Patricia and Andrew have been teaching Yoga since 1982. They teach seasonally January through April on St. John.

They have an eclectic Yoga background, dating back to the late 1970′s when they found Yoga to be a useful tool for awakening.  They travel extensively to be with Master Teachers, and organize trainings and workshops with these teachers in Yellow Springs Ohio when not in residence on St. John.

While they were deeply influenced by and certified in the Iyengar system early on, since 1986 they have been inspired by the Inner Body teachings of Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten. Patricia is their world-wide organizer and they travel each year to take Angela and Victor’s 2 and 3 week courses in Greece.  They have also studied extensively with Judith Lasater since 1986, and organize Judith’s popular Teacher Trainings in Yellow Springs each Spring.    In 1999 Patricia and Andrew met Erich Schiffmann and have been profoundly influenced by his teachings and by daily practice with him in California when they are in residence there.  Patricia is featured in Angela’s numerous DVDs and Erich’s ‘Freedom Style Yoga’ DVD.

Testimonial  by Eve – Your class was profound for me. Thank you is not enough to convey the gratefulness.  Felt so fully fluid and connected after class. Wish I could come to your class every week or every day for that matter!

Evening Classes Added at Concordia Starting January 22nd

Season is in full swing and the popularity of the yoga program at Concordia is growing by bounds. In this spirit of expansion, we announce the addition of evening classes.

STARTING JANUARY 22nd From 5:30 to 6:45 PM on Tuesday evenings returning St. John Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi teacher Emily Sada Sukh Sorensen offers an evening Hatha practice.

Expect the announcement of more additions to the evening schedule at Concordia. We welcome feedback on what nights of the week and what times you would like to see us add.

Help us welcome Emily to Concordia. Here is an introduction to Emily’s philosophy on practice:

The moving practices of yoga serve multiple purposes such as flushing the organs of toxins, strengthening and stretching the muscles, quieting the fluctuations of thoughts in the mind and preparing the body for meditation. As we learn to “be inside” our bodies, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the triggers that lead us to particular patterns. The stillness practices give us the space to let go of anything that does not serve us and connects us to the “One Source”; providing peaceful soul nurturing and harnessing our prana.

The human body needs both Yin and Yang exercises to maintain a healthy balance throughout a lifetime. Taoist Yoga suggests to explore both the gross anatomy and the subtle anatomy; the rhythmic dynamic movements of Yang Yoga and the soft, long-held static deep tissue stretches of Yin Yoga.

Each is beneficial, dependent upon what is needed to keep the harmony of self. Taoist Yoga teaches the skillful means upon which to build a personal practice that serves the individual; organically unfolding each day of life, to provide optimum health. There are myriad movements and meditations to pool from, practice teaches us what to utilize and when.

Combining the streams of yoga, with clear intentions, is awakening the DNA of Humanity and the connected consciousness is strengthening, pushing up to blossom like a lotus from a pond. Chanting mantra is reinforcing the new patterns to build a foundation of infinity going forward into the Aquarian Age.

Of course, our highest priority is mastering the inhalation and exhalation, linked intentionally with our stillness or movement, in the appropriate rhythms. This awakens us to our highest potential and gives back with radiance, clarity & strength. The more we put in to the practice, the more we receive for body, mind and spirit!

5:30 to 6:45 PM
Tuesdays – Concordia
Emily Sada Sukh Sorensen
Hatha Yoga


Join Beth Escardo on a JourneyDance™ – January 25th

Join Beth Escardo (Yoga Beth) on a JourneyDance™


January 25th – 6:30pm @ Concordia Eco Resort Pavillion


$15 fee if you prepay or $20 at door


NO EXPERIENCE necessary  …come get funky!


JourneyDance™ is a grooving celebration that will have you loving your body and loving your life! Weaving simple, guided movement sequences and free exploration, JourneyDance™ reconnects you with your innate state of joyous well-being. Your mind becomes clear, free, and positive, and your body feels supple, energized, and powerful. Practiced to inspiring world music, your dance is an empowering journey to self-acceptance and transformation.


What happens during a JourneyDance™?
JourneyDance™ moves us through deep, personal exploration into a loving, intimate relationship with body, mind, and source energy.  This exhilarating union of dance, visualization, and ritual calls us to get funky and divine!


In a Shamanic style, we are carried through an intentional and seamless flow of simple movement sequences and free expression. We are led with exuberance and compassion to a place of authentic communication with our creative spirit, where we discover our hearts’ desires.


We embody our physical temple, unleashing animal energies from within as we ground ourselves.  We explore our inner realms, delving and diving into our ocean of emotion. We connect with our inner shaman creator to burn the mind’s clogging clutter and make space for the abundance of joy that is available to us. As we create this powerful ritual together, we liberate old cellular memories, cleanse the body and mind with sweat and breath, and elevate our vibration.


We open to the joy of life. We are the Prayer: our body, our movement, our breath.  We are the Goddess: our passion, our emotions, our sensual heart.  We are the Warrior: our power, our intentions, our life’s journey.


JourneyDance™ is a transformational experience that does not require any previous movement or dance experience. Travel this sacred and provocative journey, feel bliss, and express ourselves as soul.