Restorative Yoga


Restorative Yoga with Beth Escardo
Thursday, May 19th, 5:30 PM
Gifft Hill School
$25 pre-registration/payment

No experience necessary
Registration required
Contact beth @ or 340/643-6467 to register

Yummy restorative poses, layered with soothing & calming breath, quieting the mind with Ayurvedic Pichu and Yoga Nidra to ease you into a deeper state of BLISS!








It is that time of year already!!!  Concordia Yoga will be ending for the season this Saturday, July 25th.  We will be back in October.  Our yoga teaches are taking a break from island life over the next two months so we will be wrapping up yet another fabulous season.  Thank you all for your support and energy!!!  May August and September be full of peace and happiness.  We will be back in October with a partial schedule and should be back to a full schedule in November.  Information will be posted as it becomes available.




Spring is that time to bloom and grow. Feel yourself free of the winter weather or busy season! Open your heart to new experiences. Time to grow your yoga practice. Come on out to our yoga classes. Renew yourself.



Try something new…SUP YOGA with Thais.  Check out


Welcome to Do Yoga St. John

Promoting good health and inner peace to all the residents and visitors of St. John are two key objectives for all the St. John yoga teachers. Getting the word out to people about when, where and what yoga classes are available on the island was a real challenge.  So the St. John yoga teachers united and together have formed Do Yoga St. John, a yoga community website communicating the when, where, what and who for all the yoga classes and events being held on St. John.  The website contains a full daily calendar of all the regular yoga classes with information about each yoga teacher’s certification, styles, and experience.  The website also provides information on the locations for yoga on the island.

In addition to the website, all can join the Do Yoga St. John Facebook page.  Facebook is a perfect venue for all the yoga teachers and locations to update class information, to post recent pictures and to provide details of upcoming yoga events.

Our Mission

CONCORDIA YOGA SCHEDULE STARTING OCTOBER 8th forward until sometime in November when all the teachers are back on island. Then we will revise the class schedule and get the word out to you. For now, classes will be held at 7:30am and 9:00am. Generally, the 7:30 class will be Active and the 9:00 class will be Gentle/Beginner. We also welcome Thais to Concordia. In addition to teaching here, she is planning on teaching paddle board yoga soon come…can’t wait.


Elizabeth Gowan is doing SUP YOGA on St. John.  She is available by request.







Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga is a fun way to enhance your experience here on St. John.

Fun and accessable to all levels, this 90 minute session includes board rental, private or group!!!


YOGA ON THE HIGH SEAS – By Catherine Turner

Big news! Sandwich’s, now Catherine’s article, “Yoga on the High Seas” has been published by The Elephant Journal. If her article gets 2000 views within 24 hours, it will be placed on the front page under “featured articles”. If it gets a featured spot, it will be big time amazing for her. You can help by simply clicking the link. Want to do more? Share it on you favorite social media or add a comment to the end of the article. Any way you can get the word out will help huge.

The Elephant Journal is over a decade old and has a monthly readership of over 8 million! This amazing publication is dedicated to the edgier side of ‘the mindful life’: yoga, organics, sustainability, genuine spirituality, conscious consumerism, fair fashion, the contemplative arts and more.



Downward Dog

Downward Dog

Find Table, (on your hands and knees – hands spread wide pushing into the earth, wrist under the shoulders, knees under the hips…spine is long.)

Then toes tucked under,


On the exhale, push into the hands, lift the knees about five inches from the mat, bring the chest through the arms toward the thighs, tilt your tailbone up toward the sky, straightening legs and lowering the head

Extend the torso up, pushing the flat palms, fingers spread into the earth, feel the hands rooting into the earth with all their power

Melt shoulder blades onto your backs and away from your ears with chest melting to the earth

Heels of the feet extending to the mat.

Breath.  Stay here for a few breaths.  This is another resting position.  It may not feel like it now but it will someday.

Bend the knees toward the floor, return to tabletop, return to child pose.


Yoga – A Path to Health


Alan Finger, founder of Yoga Zone and Be Yoga, is one of my favorite yoga teachers.  His book, Chakra Yoga – Balancing Energy for Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Well Being is one of my “go to” books.  I have also recently read The Science of Yoga – The Risks and the Rewards by William J. Broad.  After reading The Science of Yoga, I felt a little unsettled particularly by Broad’s descriptions of the risks.  Although his final conclusion is the benefits of yoga outweigh the risks; it was still contra to my view of yoga.  I always tell my students to find their edge but not exceed that edge, use the breath and relax, don’t pull or push into a pose.  I have been injured in yoga and I believe it was my fault for not letting go of the ego and pushing beyond that edge.  I missed the balance of the physical, spiritual and mental.


So in reflecting upon both books, I find that Chakra Yoga and looking for the right balance is key to reducing many of the risks with yoga.  Balance brings healing and harmony to the yoga practice and I believe is key to finding your inner peace.  We have many causes in our lives that bring disunity to the physical, mental and spiritual balance.  For many of us, muscular tensions (especially neck, shoulders, and backs), poor skeletal alignment, negative thinking and dealing with difficult people greatly impact our balance in life.


So the Science of Yoga book has stimulated even more thinking about yoga, science and medicine.  The US population is 4.6% of the world population.  We consume 80% of the opioids from pharmaceuticals companies and 99% of the Vicodin produced in the world.  We also take a great deal of antidepressants, like 23.3 million of us in  the US population.  The US has increased the use of antidepressants by 400% since a 1988-1994 study.  Surprisingly, other countries like Iceland, Australia and Canada take even more. When you think about the risks of yoga and the benefits, and the risk of these pharmaceuticals…which path do you want to follow.  Yoga is the path to find a profound sense of equilibrium in our life.  One must go within and connect.


The Physical Practice


The focus of strengthening, stretching and aligning the body is the basis of the asana practice.  When done without ego and with conscious awareness, the asanas bring clarity to the mind and a sense of well being to the body.  Through the physical practice, we can quiet the every chattering mind.  We can improve our posture and realign our skeletal system.  With the asana practice, we can breathe fully, enhance digestion and relax the nervous system.  Many of Broad’s reviews of various studies support these benefits of yoga.


One can begin to find balance in the body, known as Hatha. Ha is the energy of the sun (heat and power).  Tha is the energy of the moon (coolness and flexibility).  So when you practice your asanas think of Ha representing your muscular strengthening and Tha as your relaxation.  Getting these in balance can move you forward in your practice without injury and brings a feeling of lightness, space and union.



The Mental Practice


Yoga is breath, breath is yoga.  We use the breath to quiet the mind in each pose.  Practicing the asanas requires a great deal of attention to details, which can occupy the mind and does not allow much room for you to think about the chattering stuff.  Practice quiets the mind.  If you are able to focus on the breath and use the physical practice to draw your mind inward, your practice becomes a moving mediation.  Studies have found that meditation can help with chronic pain, unexplained fatigue, addictions, headaches, anxiety and depression.


The Spiritual Practice


So once you have the physical and the mental parts, how do you find the spiritual to complete the balance.  I believe yoga can connect you to the oneness of the universe and tap the divine energy.  Whatever your philosophy or religious beliefs, we are one human spirit sharing this planet.  Each individual needs to explore their spiritual side; everyone has their own path.  Feeling lighter through the asana practice and quieting the mind clears the path for this exploration.


“You contain the knowledge of everything in the universe-all you need to do is find it within you.” … Alan Finger


Article is written and submitted by Nancy Stromp

Table/Cat/Cow – Do these for your back!!!

Table – On hands and knees.  With a flat back. Shoulders in line with wrists, knees in line with hips.  Hands spread as wide as possible.

Cat/Cow -Marjarisana Bitilasana – Inhale (Cow) – the movement starts in the pelvis or tailbone, slowly rotating the tailbone up to the sky, dropping the abdomen down to the earth and pulling the chest up between the shoulders, extend look up.  Head is the last movement not the first.  Exhale (Cat) – the movement starts in the pelvis or tailbone, slowly rotating the tailbone down to the earth, pulling the abdomen up to get the navel to toward the spine in a full body arch up to the sky, head moves down with chin tucking in last. Think scary halloween cat.  The movement should feel like a wave through the body always starting at the tailbone area and finishing with the head, not the other way around.  Two more Cat/Cow poses very carefully and deliberately thinking about the flow of the body as a wave scooping down and arching up.  Relax in table.