Awaken to Love – A Valentine’s Inspired Workshop

Awakening to Love

A Valentine’s Inspired Workshop with Patricia Schneider and Andrew Junker

February 10th – 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Followed by an optional brunch at Café Concordia

Concordia Yoga Pavilion

 $30 or sliding scale if needed

Life is a relationship.  It’s through our personal relationships that we learn and grow.  It doesn’t matter who we are interacting with at the moment, be it family, friends, partners, lovers, co-workers, or someone you have just met, these people, our communications are reflections of ourselves and our awareness.  When we commit to entering into deeper relationships, to engaging, we take a vow to listen; to allow the other to become a mirror of ourselves and ultimately our connection to the universal whole.


Through meditation, guided imagery, and breath-centered yoga we will experience loving and being loved.  Circulating compassionate energy through our hearts, we are invited to find our own yoga flow – to move and breathe and surrender to love.

After the workshop, join us for fabulous food, conversation, and music with Bo and Lauren. Cafe manager Joe Feraco and Chef Brian Beggarly have a new menu with vegetarian options and healthy choices.   Brian says, “Stop into the cafe before yoga starts on Sunday and ask for a vegan or vegetarian brunch special.”  If the cafe gets advanced notice, they will whip up a special especially for the workshop attendees! Relax and share ideas in the clear headed and open hearted space the yoga practice provides.

About Patricia & Andrew

Patricia and Andrew have been teaching Yoga since 1982. They teach seasonally January through April on St. John.

They have an eclectic Yoga background, dating back to the late 1970′s when they found Yoga to be a useful tool for awakening.  They travel extensively to be with Master Teachers, and organize trainings and workshops with these teachers in Yellow Springs Ohio when not in residence on St. John.

While they were deeply influenced by and certified in the Iyengar system early on, since 1986 they have been inspired by the Inner Body teachings of Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten. Patricia is their world-wide organizer and they travel each year to take Angela and Victor’s 2 and 3 week courses in Greece.  They have also studied extensively with Judith Lasater since 1986, and organize Judith’s popular Teacher Trainings in Yellow Springs each Spring.    In 1999 Patricia and Andrew met Erich Schiffmann and have been profoundly influenced by his teachings and by daily practice with him in California when they are in residence there.  Patricia is featured in Angela’s numerous DVDs and Erich’s ‘Freedom Style Yoga’ DVD.

Testimonial  by Eve – Your class was profound for me. Thank you is not enough to convey the gratefulness.  Felt so fully fluid and connected after class. Wish I could come to your class every week or every day for that matter!