Over 50? We have Yoga for you!

As part of the baby boomer generation Suki Buchalter would like to offer her peers the joy, ease and stability she has found in her yoga practice. She has been able through her yoga practice to remain active and pain free.

Appealing to those new to Yoga or those with injuries sustained over an active lifetime, Suki is offering St. John ”Young at Heart Yoga”. This is a slow–flow Hatha class based on Suki’s training in Vini Yoga. Vini Yoga stresses and encourages the practitioner to adopt the yoga pose to his or her body—not adapt the body to the pose. We attempt to work pain free in Yoga modifying the poses for an over 50 body. “I believe in the ability of our bodies to heal if we give them the right ingredients: Conscious exercise and stretching, being aware of our posture and breath, Giving the body the right foods for our individual constitutions. Nurturing the heart with plenty of connections with loved ones, nature and our higher self to generate those feelings of wellbeing in the heart which resonate in the body. All of the above contribute to our wellbeing, mental health and emotional receptivity.”

Suki began and continues to this day to encourage all people  to practice yoga. She began teaching yoga at Maho Bay Camps Eco Resort in 1997. She is available for private yoga classes, Professional  energy bodywork massage. Suki specializes in Shiatsu, Asian bodywork, Neuromuscular, Reiki, Cranial Sacral techniques and Gemstone therapy and Sound Healing with crystal singing bowls.

Wise Women’s Circles are the next phase  of Suki’s ceremonial work.  Supporting each other in our search for truth and meaning as we enter the third stage of our lives is the intention of the Circle.  If interested in forming a group give Suki a call  at 340-642-3739 or email her at  sukistjohn@gmail.com.